The great trip to the Caribbean

In the February 2008 I went sailing in the Caribbean with a collegue and two former collegues. We spend two weeks just cruising around the islands of the former Danish Virgin Islands, now the U.S. Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands. What a trip..

Bye bye Denmark

A picture of the landing gear of a Dash 8 plane... This time it worked

Our boat for two weeks, the Atanto

First day in the Caribbean, and it rains :-(

Liquids of various sorts for two weeks - we didn't get enough rum...

Eating out - merely to save the provisions of course

The merry crew ready to leave port
From left to right: Sune, Niels, Klaus, Jan

The Danish (naval) flag flying in the Caribbean once again

Leaving Road Town, Tortola

Entering Little Harbour, Joost Van Dyke. The reef at port side is easily seen

Mooring in Little Harbour

On the way from Joost Van Dyke to St. John

Caneel Bay, St. John

Grillmaster Flash at work

On the way from St. John to St. Croix. The wind at 30-35 knots

The Governours mansion on St. Croix

The old Danish custom house at Christanssted, St. Croix

And the old Danish fortress

In this heap of junk we went on the wildest tour up and down the hills of St. Croix. The seat belts were missing, resulting in a few brushes on the bumpy "roads"

Columbus Landing, the site where Columbus, or rather his men, landed the second time Columbus crossed the Atlantic

Leaving Christanssted

The old colonial era warehouses in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, are still standing. Now used as a maze-like mall

"The Danes are coming", on the way from St. Thomas back to St. John

We stayed overnight in Coral Bay Harbour, St. John. The next day we walked to the top of a point and saw this... We went back right to the boat, sailed to the small bay second from the left, called Otter Creek.

All alone in Otter Creek. The birds almost made as much noise as the waves did against the dinghy

At a restaurant in Spanish Harbour, Virgin Gorda, right at the beach. The food looked good, but about eight hours later I was glad that we were in a *real* harbour with *real* toilets...

Bitter End, Virgin Gorda. Nice coral reefs, nice water, nice beach. Pretty much nice everything

Jan at the Bitter End

Two weeks of sailing takes its tow

All the bags are packed, we're ready to go... Back in Road Town, Tortola, waiting for the taxi to the airport

Bye bye Virgin Islands